Sleeves or no sleeves: Wear it right!

I have spotted several Kenyans around in these suits. They have short sleeves you see and I have gotten taken a back by the them quite a number of times! I wondered why at first given that I am quite the dedicated advocate for unique style. Then I saw this mannequin and realized it!

  1. Toned arms: Do wear this suit if you have toned arms that can be shown off!
  2. Shoulder fit: Do insist on one that has perfect shoulder and chest fit for a polished look
  3. Colour: I love dark shades but do wear colors that compliment your skin tone and agree with your shoe and belt color. Read my brief thoughts on this here
  4. The tie: I would insist that a tie be worn with this look as the image suggests but should you choose to dress it down, remove the tie completely! Do not leave it on loosely!

I salute all those gentlemen who pull off this suit! Clap! Clap!


The Corporate Fashionist – The Tie on a Corporate Male

The tie has been a symbol of business individuals for years now. A simple piece of clothing dangling from the neck, yet holds much weight in the outlook it portrays. From the Stock exchange, to the Courts, from Financial advisors to modern Managers, ties are a must in their attire. No wonder, ties are a compulsory dressing for the likes of PwC and Deloitte.

Many of my fellow males are now near the finish line, and are now busy tarmacking for jobs and internships. In all such steps, one requires the perfect outlook, in short, the perfect dressing for the perfect impression. I can’t give you much advice on careers and other stuff, but considering collecting ties is my personal hobby, I feel competent enough to share my knowledge on the ideal tie for yourself.

Restraint is very important in ties. Do not let your tie overshadow yourself. Let the tie be noticed, but just as a mere accessory. Let’s first start with the size of the tie. For those who have put on weight and have a pot cum beer belly showing, opt for a wide tie. Wide ties conceal the stomach from view. It is a common saying in Corporate dressing, “Let your tie get wider as you grow Older”. I know the slim ties are in fashion, but do not let them slim down too much. If you have the body to show, get ties which don’t have a broad end. DO NOT however wear pencil ties to work, leave those for the party goers.

As to colour and pattern, the less conspicuous and flashy, the better. Subdued stripes, checks, polka dots and paisley patterns are fine. But no tie should look like you are wearing a neon sign on your chest. Colour is okay, but in moderation, and design is fine but should be quiet. No sprawling geometric shapes or sun-bursts. Lately there has been a influx of graphic ties with cartoon characters, football club logos and such animations. Such ties are okay once in a while depending on the mood and atmosphere of the place you are wearing the tie to. Sometimes, such animations may help, if the person you are meeting has the same liking for that animation e.g a common love for a football club.

I rather doubt if anybody needs a tie clip considering that majority of ties today are wide and of rich fabric, but if you do feel necessary, get a tie clip which is absolutely plain and inconspicuous. The tie clip should be worn well down on the tie, close to the belt. I shall call it a sin if the clip shows when your jacket is buttoned!

With that, invest in the right ties and make a worthy man out of you. Wishing you much luck in your career endeavours.

Written by:

Aziz Z. Rajbhai – 0738780137

Dear World, The Facebook Heroine Stikes!

Doris Waigwa, my classmate and friend on Facebook, yesterday 11th April 2012, posted this as her status update and 7 hours later, this cause had a backing of over 100 people ready to help in any way they could:

“I went home for Easter and met this boy, John Koine Mwangi, Giathugu sub location, Mweru sublocation. he is 19 this year, droped out of Giathugu Secondary school in January this year due to lack of fees, he schooled for only part of form two, was i and out of school , reason fees. He now fetches water for neighbours n does kibaruas here n there for food for himself and family.
His family background very complicated, but the bottom line is the boy is very devastated thathe cant continue schooling, he still has a dream of becoming a doc……and help his family.

i thot, someone should do smthng for him.and bring his dream to reality……. me n someone else … you…

I intend to get him back to school for second term……GIathugu it maybe or a boarding school, to get him out of the very harsh environment, he is ready to get back to form two n cover his course work well…

Now.. it you feel you can assist him or have a friend who can or someone you can refer me to… inbox me…….we can make the world a better place in small ways!”

The power of kindness and the simplicity of courage is all we need to make a difference. Doris is what I proudly call a Facebook Heroine; Social Media Power!

The Lady In A Dress… She Is So Gorgeous!

I wore a dress this afternoon for a visit to the mall just to unwind and have some frozen yogurt with my best friend (her treat!) and on my way out of the university compound, I received numerous compliments!

At first I was apprehensive. I wondered whether these complements were not just flattery and maybe I looked hideous! Just before I turned to go back and change into that trusted tee and pair of jeans, I remembered a conversation I had had with a friend of mine many months ago. This friend had told me of how gorgeous a lady in a dress looked and had went on to specify that it’s not just any dress but one made generously with flowing fabric. I looked down at myself and grinned.

I did not turn back!

A challenge to all ladies out there, let’s peal off those skinny jeans once in a while and spot those frocks!

Thanks Kawi. You know why. 🙂

Top 10 ‘Obvious’ Wardrobe Staples For Women

It may be work outside or inside an office; a date or just an ordinary Wednesday event. No matter where you are performing from, as long as you are a strong independent woman, you need the following pieces not only for presentation but for exceeding expectation. You knew that, right!?

1. A Blazer
2. A Pair of Fitting Black Trousers
3. A Fitting Black Dress
4. A Pair of Closed Black Heels
5. A Pair of Closed Black Flats/ Low Heels
6. A White Shirt
7. A Fitting Pair of Jeans
8. A Pair of Sliver/ Gold/ Diamond Ear Studs
9. A Plain Black/Brown Hand Bag
10. A Plain Black/ Brown Wallet



5 rules the modern man needs to remember.

This is going to be quick; like pulling out a bandage. You will feel no pain (I hope):

  1. ALWAYS wear a BLACK belt unless you are wearing a BROWN suit.
  2. Brown shoes are NOT  to be worn with ANY COLOURED suit e.g black, navy blue, grey except DARK BROWN. If you want to take a chance go for a shoe with a really dark shade of brown (nearing black). If its a tan shade, don’t.
  3. NEVER wear white socks with any outfit!! (This is a golden rule for life: unless you are taking part in sport, there is no room in life for white socks.) Black is the prime colour.
  4. Keep sandals or any type of open-toed shoe for a trip to the market or the beach.
  5. Keep away from overpowering aftershave. Nivea and Old Spice are perfect. The rest, notsomuch.

With these 5 things taken care of, you will forever remain impressionable.

You’re welcome!

Topic of the day: Simple manners!

I wrote this article a while back for a university publication. I think it’s definitely worth a share:

It never ceases to amaze me at how that self proclaimed above-average-citizen always manages to unnerve; that badly used public toilet, that newspaper that was borrowed and returned mangled, that sneeze or cough that is never muffled, that 1090/- Textbook centre bought autobiography that is now tea stained and finger printed…the list is endless really.

The Standard has this page in the Crazy Monday pull-out purposely designated to high light ‘peeves’. I thought it was a good idea until a friend told me that highlighting peeves is in itself a peeve! How is that? Apparently, it is impolite to call out the Kenyan on his/her ‘crimes’. Putting them to light actually fuels them! So how do we get the word out? Have a key to the public toilets, staple the newspaper, keep quiet about that book you bought and open up the windows because 50% of Kenyans at one time or the other are nursing a cold!

Is that the solution? Go rogue and be less civil?

There is a fast food joint (I’m sure it’s one amongst many) found in down town Nairobi that does not offer seats to customers nor does it offer plates or forks. Buyers are forced to eat while standing along with saying a prayer that no passerby recognizes them in their suffering. Who is at fault here? The eatery owner or the person who allows themselves to be disrespected like so?

Manners: Polite or well-bred social behavior. The bible couldn’t be clearer: And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. (Luke 6:31)