7 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

I aspire to be self employed before the end of this year and given that this is an ambition I share with many of you wonderful readers, here is a gem of an article I came across this morning about successful entrepreneurship. It is brief and ‘To The Point’ 🙂

Read it here.

Have a restful Sunday!


What Makes An A-list Investor? Read On!

Have a Business Plan? Seeking funding? Jot the following down on your note pad:

An Investor  MUST have:


Anyone putting money into your business idea should have good sense and not be a nag or pester for return. “5 to 10 years, madam. That’s how long you should wait to start receiving your return. Sign here… ” 🙂


Scrutinize them as they do you. Money is not just money in an investment; money is trust, belief and reliance.


Seek funding from individuals who ‘see’ what you ‘see’.

Good luck!

A Poor Woman’s Plea


What if there was no internet? (Ok, I know I’m a blogger so yeah, I’m one to talk!). But say there was no site to visit where you could get financial advice and you had to rely on physical visits and phone calls to financial institutions. How many of us would actually make the effort? I don’t think I would. I think I would not invest in shares and I would not save and certainly would not have the hope of being wealthy.

I’m not trying to be cryptic. It’s just that I find myself overwhelmed sometimes at the many options that are now available. What if they were not there? In Kenya we complain at how the wealthy keep getting wealthier and the poor poorer but I think we are to blame. We have all these sources of information and publicized contacts that literally point us towards money yet we are still without!

So I think it’s high time we sorted ourselves out. Take that piece of paper and budget. Take that 20 shilling coin and enter an internet café and visit as many sites as possible jotting down addresses and telephone numbers to places that count. Put that one day aside where you dedicate it to knocking on doors, not looking for trouble or handouts, but looking for answers and solutions.

I will do my best to share my journey because I’m taking my own advice but be sure to meet me half way, ok?